The leather used for B17s is not as thick as it was 30 years ago. I have a 
1985 B17 narrow which I bought used. I would say the leather is as thick as 
a modern Professional model, comparing to new ones at the shop. It was a 
little dry when I got it about 9 years ago, but a few treatments cured 
that. It still has its shape. The spanner has only been turned a half turn 
by me. The B17 is mounted on my 1985 Bridgestone and primarily is used for 
running errands, usually less than 10 miles round trip. 

Modern B17s look like an old sway back horse after a couple of years. I can 
see how turning the spanner would cause a ridge down the middle. No wonder 
I've come to prefer flat saddles!

Bill in Roswell, GA

On Monday, October 17, 2016 at 4:20:27 PM UTC-4, Lungimsam wrote:
> I have heard different things from different "experts". Some say the 
> leather is not the same as in the olden days. Some say the leather quality 
> is different on different models. Some say the leather does not differ 
> between models. So there is  different info going around. Hard to get to 
> the bottom of it.
>  I did get confirmation from Brooks that misaligned rivets, crooked Brooks 
> name plates, crooked  adjuster bolt, and crooked noses,  different height 
> Springs, are part of the handmade process and do not cause a problem for 
> functionality .
>  Maybe I will email them again and see if I get an answer on the leather. 

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