similar to Kurt, I have a hunqapillar and a fattie (29+ krampus) with a 
super high bottom bracket. I do some mountain biking on my hunqapillar and 
enjoy it but it definitely feels like underbiking on the more technical 
rocky rooty twisty parts of the trail, whereas the krampus is a frigging 
monstertruck that can handle it all like nothing. however, the hunqapillar 
is great for riding lite trails on the way to the coffee shop or mountain 
touring; it just depends how and where you usually ride. 

On Sunday, October 16, 2016 at 4:35:27 PM UTC-7, Broccoli Cog wrote:
> Every since my first Riv (a sam) I have been lusting after a Hunqapillar. 
> You guys warned me! You were right!! I already have a fat bike, a Surly 
> ICT, I have ridden that bike everywhere and ride it like I would a Mountain 
> Bike. On singletrack that is not super technical the ICT is a blast to 
> ride. I ride with people on traditional mountain bikes and really don't 
> feel like I am giving up much . I am wondering what a Hunq would be like 
> riding as a trail bike. Any owners out there who ride it like a regular 
> mountain bike? Wondering what your experience have been. Thanks!

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