There were at least a couple versions were clearance was different. Later 
ones had more clearance. I have a Redwood (less fancy/expensive Ram, 
supposedly similar/identical in most non-cosmetic aspects) - fits Compass 
Barlow Pass tires (~37mm actual). Would definitely fit 32mm plus fenders. 
Assuming the Redwood is the same as the later Ram, that's a buncha 
clearance for a road bike.
Mine is currently set up with 650b wheels and WTB Horizon tires and room 
for fenders. I'll likely stick with this setup for awhile, maybe swap in BG 
RnRs were trails get muddy.
River Grove, IL 

On Tuesday, October 18, 2016 at 12:04:32 AM UTC-5, iamkeith wrote:
> I think clearances varied.  I now have 33 jack browns WITH fenders. 
>  Bigger is better of couse but, even with 28s, i loved it and was always 
> amazed at the comfort.  Pretty sure I'll never part with mine.

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