Assuming I'm looking at the same unsold listing on eBay, seller notes it'll 
fit 38mm, which means it's a larger clearance version - it looks like it 
based on the photos, I think.
I'd wager if it fits WTB Horizons, which it likely will, that Paul Racers 
(advertised 67mm max reach) won't be long enough. I'm using Tektro long 
reach brakes (73mm max reach) and needed to file the ends of the slots to 
get brake pads to line up with rims. Dia Compe 750s would likely fit 
without modifying.
River Grove, IL

On Tuesday, October 18, 2016 at 11:54:56 AM UTC-5, adam leibow wrote:
> thanks all for such helpful replies!! I should have noted that I will be 
> doing a 650b conversion, as I have the paul racer long reach brakes, and 
> 650b wheels with WTB horizons already mounted. if any of you guys/gals are 
> on instagram, user @shredportals has a raw steel Rambo with long reach 
> centerpull brakes, 650b wheels and WTB horizons, WITH fenders. i asked him 
> and he said there is some modding required to get that setup to work, but 
> that it's easier with a 42c tire like the babyshoe pass. I am going to ask 
> the seller of the Rambo I'm looking at if the 60c measurement is ctc or 
> ctt. 
> On Monday, October 17, 2016 at 6:08:45 PM UTC-7, adam leibow wrote:
>> hello !
>> recently i sold my too-small 56cm a homer hilsen, and have been looking 
>> to replace it with something similar, but larger, so that less seatpost 
>> shows and it fits a bit more traditionally/rando-y. i contacted a seller on 
>> ebay about his 60cm rambo and he agreed to sell to me as a frameset even 
>> though his listing was for the complete. before i decide to commit to this 
>> bike, can i ask you fellow rambo owners a) what size do you ride? b) what 
>> is your pbh? c) how much seatpost is showing? and finally d) do you have 
>> the original geometry sheet for this bike? i couldn't find it after a quick 
>> google search. also, if you have pictures of your bikes, i would love to 
>> see them! 
>> thank you for your help! it is much appreciated!!
>> adam 

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