Hi all,

A few thoughts on lights - We bought my wife's Brompton off Craigslist with 
the Shimano dyno-hub/light setup.  It works great for her and does not 
interfere with the fold.  I think dyno-hubs are a great way to go, and have 
one on my Ram that I use for brevets, so I would recommend it for a 
Brompton if you ride at night and are OK with the extra cost.

However, we bought my Brompton new, but I didn't want to pay the additional 
cost for the dyno-hub setup.  I use the bike for commuting and getting 
around town, so battery lights are fine for that.  For the front light I 
got a Busch and Muller IXON Core IQ2 
It's a fantastic light that I mount to the handlebars.  It doesn't 
interfere with the fold and comes off easily if I need to remove it for any 
reason.  The taillight took a little trail and error, though.

At first, I attached a Planet Bike Superflash 
to the rear part of the rail on a Brooks saddle.  This worked OK, but due 
to the narrow width of the rail I could never get the clamp to be tight 
enough so that the light stay upright as I bounced along the road.  Next, I 
bought a Busch and Muller DTopLight XS 
that I mounted to the reflector mount that sits right above the rear 
fender.  This is pretty much the same light (battery version) that is on my 
wife's Brompton, and was mounted in the same place.  This was not a great 
solution because on this light, the release to open it to replace the 
batteries is located on the underside of the light, which is hard to access 
due to it practically touching the fender.  Trying to open the light, I 
ended up breaking the little tabs that hold the whole thing together, so 
that it started coming apart as I again bounced along the road.

Finally, I took the Cateye LD610 
from my Ram and mounted it to the reflector mount using a CatEye Rear Rack 
This works perfectly.  

One pretty big consideration when thinking about attaching a rear light to 
the mount that sits above the fender is to make sure that it is not too 
tall.  This is because when the bike is folded, the fender and light mount 
are upside down, and are very close to the ground.  If the light is too 
tall, the bike will then rest on the light, instead of the little wheel on 
the rear fender, and the Eazy Wheels.  Does that make sense?

Bromptons are great bikes.  Get one.  You need it.  You know you do.


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