Hi Patrick, have you seen this one? 

I'm tempted by it myself for nostalgic reasons, but I really don't need a 
"go-fast" bike.

On Saturday, November 19, 2016 at 5:29:29 PM UTC-5, Patrick Moore wrote:
> If you wanted the signature Rivendell road ride, but couldn't afford 
> another custom or the Roadeo (and didn't want the Ram -- tried one), and if 
> you thought you might look for an old road racing frame from the '70s, what 
> would you look for? 120 mm OL spacing.
> After trying out, once again, the S3X hub on the gofast, the hub gear 
> wheel idea being a quick-swap way to adapt this bike to occasional longer 
> and hilly rides, I find that the lash is a deal killer. So I want a frame 
> to build a bike around my AM hub.
> I'd probably give any such frame to Chauncey to have him remove unneeded 
> braze-ons (like icky derailleur bosses and hangar), and have him braze on 
> needed ones, like a roller boss at the seat tube junction and a housing 
> stop mid-top tube for the trigger cable housing, and then have it powder 
> coated.
> I did have a decent 1973 Motobecane 2nd level Record, and that was close 
> to what I want, but it wasn't cigar level; it didn't handle quite like my 
> Rivs.
> (I am tempted to give Chauncey my gofast, and tell him: "Replicate this." 
> But that would be at least $1200 -- cheap at the price, but more than I 
> ought to consider at this point.)
> (Wouldn't it be lovely to have a customized Roadeo, 57 for me, without the 
> derailleur bits?)
> Ideas?
> Thanks.
> Patrick Moore, who just again rode the gofast with 95"/71"/59" S3X in 
> windy ABQ, NM
> Aside: As I turned north onto Corrales Road on the way to Stevie's, with 
> wind blowing from the south, I shifted into the 95" and bowled along 
> merrily -- until the road turned and the wind quartered and my cadence 
> dropped like a stone. How much better the ASC would be: you could have that 
> downhill and tailwind gear at say 80", and at 90% have a 72" cruising and 
> at 75% a 59" climbing -- though they say that the ASC also had lashings of 
> lash. The AM, with direct + 11.55% and - 12.5% would give one, say, a 70" 
> direct, a 78" high, and a 61" low -- very usable gears, not to mention 
> coasting.
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