Thanks for the response, Paul.  I do intend to get one, eventually.  As you 
say, it's a steep price for a bell, but a bell is increasingly important 
for the riding that I do.  I like the mounting flexibility that the 
Spurcycle seems to have, I need to able to reach the bell.  As for 
packaging, I was just thinking about that yesterday regarding Apple.  We 
just got iPhones.  Apple's packaging sort of makes you feel the way you 
described.  Marketing genius, I guess.  I remember that one of our earlier 
home computers came in a huge box that looked like a cow!  Cheers, 

On Thursday, January 12, 2017 at 8:33:42 PM UTC-5, Bikie#4646 wrote:
> Steve, I'm down near Richmond, but can attest to the worthiness of the 
> Spurcycle bell. I was a part of the original Kickstarter campaign. After 
> that, I purchased two more (at considerably higher prices)! Very elegant, 
> minimalist and a nice piercing sound that gets attention. These guys did a 
> great job of design, down to the wonderful packaging. With each I received, 
> I felt like I was unwrapping a Faberge' egg! What sold me over anything 
> else was the ingenious way it attaches without screws, nuts, etc. Most of 
> that portion is hidden away inside the bell, with only the slender (maybe 
> 5mm) stainless strap showing. Clean! Treat yourself!
> Paul Germain
> Midlothian, Va.
> On Thursday, January 12, 2017 at 7:02:01 AM UTC-5, islaysteve wrote:
>> Does anyone know of a shop in the DC/MVA area that sells Spurcycle bells, 
>> and actually has some on display?
>> Thanks.

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