On 01/13/2017 09:10 AM, Kevin Lindsey wrote:
So I inflated the 50mm Schwalbe Marathons on my Hunq to 60 psi (rear) and 40 psi (front) last night and wheeled it into the kitchen in preparation for what would have been my morning commute. About twenty minutes later, there was a deafening "bang" from the kitchen; I honestly thought a handgun had gone off or something had detonated in the microwave, and my left ear was ringing for a half hour afterward. Long story short, the Schwalbe inner tube on my rear tire had popped, shredded, and actually blew the tire off the rim; anyone who uses Marathons knows how hard it is to get those things on the rim in the first place, and it's sobering to think of how much energy must have been released to unseat one. Fortunately, aside from screwing up my commute and throwing my dogs' digestive systems into reverse, however, there was no other apparent damage.

I think you've got the sequence of events backwards. Usually the way this happens is a fold of tube is caught under the bead of the tire. Air pressure gradually wedges the bead entirely off the rim, exposing the tube; at that point the tube explodes.

Anyone know generally what causes a tube to blow up like that? It wasn't over-inflated, probably only had fifty or sixty miles on it, was the correct size for the tire, and generally should have lasted for several hundred miles. My son has had this problem with some Specialized tubes recently, but the Schwalbe products are generally of a higher quality, but now I'm wondering whether there's a QC issue at the factories in, I assume, China.
Any thoughts would be appreciated.

This has nothing at all to do with the quality of the tube -- other than perhaps its size -- and everything to do with the installation. It is a fact, however, that a large tube is more difficult to completely stuff into the tire, and a tube that's actually too large for the tire is extremely difficult to install without getting caught under the bead. It helps if you put some air in the tube to make it round before you seat the tire.

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