I would infer Garth meant this 
and use these for a higher attachment point instead of just the fork crown 
mount.  http://surlybikes.com/parts/small_parts/rear_rack_upper_kit

"I'd get a porteur rack of some sort, prolly the Soma Deluxe or the VO one 
with the Surly strut kit to attach to the mid fork eyelets. Then I'd either 
use a bag inside the fence of the rack or attach some other kind of 
container, just not a flimsy wire basket since they are not made to be 
attached with the basket wires."

My experience with front racks (I tend to wind up buying things picking up 
things and generally adding stuff to capacity).  I had a Nitto M-12 on a 
Rambouillet and an Ocean Air Cycles Demi Porteur bag and overloaded it too 
often and it was wobbly.  Found a used Nitto 27F and its great. Moved the 
M-12 to the SO's Betty Foy and overloaded/didn't like the safety strap Got 
a used Nitto Big Front rack w/ basket and a Makeshifter Canvas Works 
basketcase. Easy to load/unload take with and can take panniers.
I set up a differnt Betty Foy with a M-18 marks rack with both struts going 
to one mount point and the crown attachment.  Has a wald basket and I think 
its nice looks clean I think it is much better than the M-12 but I feel 
like it should have a set of longer struts to the drop out ie. Coreys Chev. 
 https://www.rivbike.com/pages/coreys-staff-bikes But once you do that I 
would go for the Nitto 27F/Big Rack for Pannier ability.

On Saturday, August 5, 2017 at 8:24:06 AM UTC-7, Michele wrote:
> @Garth do you mean the *Constructeur Front Rack?* 
> https://store.velo-orange.com/index.php/accessories/racks-decaleurs/vo-constructeur-front-rack.html
> On Saturday, August 5, 2017 at 3:42:44 AM UTC-7, Garth wrote:
>> Either the Soma Deluxe Porteur or the Velo Orange one with the Surly 
>> strut kit for $35 if you plan on carrying anything more than 5 pounds. Yes, 
>> I know people do it all the time but that doesn't make it a great idea. 
>> Both of these would have 4 and/or 5 point attachments and be stable. 

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