My approach to the same challenge (though no more than 4-5 windows in 
active use) is more akin to my approach to bicycle computers (trying to 
help you out on the OT linkage for Riv. content). One screen. I focus on 
one window at a time except for active edits from my editor(s). Focus and 
visual simplicity allows my wimpy brain to do more longer. I can't remember 
what all the things on Mac OS are called but here are the features and 
additional apps I use:

-- I use the Magic Trackpad, and it is fantastic. Took a while to get the 
settings sussed.
-- Mission Control and Spaces to organize types of apps, defining some that 
always stay in a given space, others that float to work wherever I am 
working. 4 fingers swipe up and reveal all apps, no matter where they are. 
Two clicks and I can get anywhere I need to, like switching between 
physical screens, but the screen is right in front and perfectly 
positioned, no need to look weird directions.
-- Magnet and/or Mac OS's split full screen for editing, so I have up to 
three windows auto sized side by side. Magnet easily handles more windows 
if needed.
-- HazeOver: darkens all clutter "behind" the window I'm focused on.

With abandon,

On Saturday, August 5, 2017 at 12:09:55 PM UTC-6, Patrick Moore wrote:
> Have to ask on this list; IBob moderators would kick me out if I asked 
> there. But tech is not entirely remote from the bike interest shown on this 
> list, and anyway, I read the RBW list on my monitors.

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