Although I don't want to support the non-Riv content of the thread, I had 
an instant reaction to the question.  There is a HUGE difference between HD 
and UHD.  If you get a large monitor, the 4K UHD will display dramatically 
tighter resolution (3840x2160 vs. 1920x1080)  Standard HD is difficult to 
use as a auxiliary monitor over about 24".  Make sure your display card 
supports that resolution.

John "Still using an HD monitor as an auxiliary to my 4K tablet while 
sharing the studio space with my Hillborne (weak attempt at Riv content)" 

On Saturday, August 5, 2017 at 11:09:55 AM UTC-7, Patrick Moore wrote:
> Have to ask on this list; IBob moderators would kick me out if I asked 
> there. But tech is not entirely remote from the bike interest shown on this 
> list, and anyway, I read the RBW list on my monitors.
> Many of you gave me good advice last year or in '15 about monitors for 
> work, and now i have my 15" MB Pro and 2 27" monitors crammed into my 
> workstation. God willing, I will eventually have a work station built in so 
> that I can spread everything out more, but for the moment, I have to have 1 
> of the large monitors angled to fit into the space. When I also use the 
> laptop monitor, as I am doing now, it blocks the bottom 1/3 of the other 27 
> incher.
> I often have 5 Word documents, Text Edit, a PDF or 2, and a couple of 
> Google screens open at once. That's up to 10 Windows in use at once. I find 
> I can fit up to 3 Word docs to a 27" screen, and I can leave the Text Edit 
> and one Google window behind the others.
> The most annoying part is having to mouse between 3 monitors and getting 
> the cursor lost between screens
> Would I be better off using a 42" monitor plus the laptop? I *imagine* that 
> I can get 6 100% Word docs open at once on a 42" screen; is this a 
> reasonable expectation?
> One of these won't fit into my present workspace, but again, God willing, 
> I'll have a larger space eventually.
> Or given the vast number of windows, would I be better off adding a 3d 
> 27-er and just putting up with the lost cursor?
> Thanks. 
> Patrick Moore, who would much rather write resumes and LI profiles than do 
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