Precisely this.  Lower your flame as you approach first crack.  I'm not 
sure how pan roasting equates with drum roasting since the pan is open to 
the air so the environmental temperature is lower than if it were enclosed, 
but generally you should begin reducing heat about midway through the 
roast.  As you approach first crack your heat is generally quite low.  The 
cracks should be quite distinct.

On Saturday, August 5, 2017 at 6:51:56 AM UTC-7, Ray Varella wrote:
> Good Job Patrick,
> Certain beans will go quickly from first to second crack, I observe this 
> with Kenya coffees quite often. 
> It could also be the heat of your roasting apparatus. 
> Try lowering the heat once you hear the first cracks, that should slow 
> things down a bit. 
> Enjoy your coffee
> Ray

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