On Sunday, August 6, 2017 at 8:44:53 AM UTC-7, Peter Turskovitch wrote:
> Hi Bill, sorry if the question seems ignorant. I don't know a ton about 
> bike geometry. 
> Can't you put upright bars on any bike? Lots of bikes take 2" tires. And 
> what effect do the chainstays have?

You generally need to shove upright (& mtb) bars further forward than 
similar drop (or mustache) bars to make up for them not curving forward 
before coming back (You /can/ deal with this with a long stem, but it makes 
the bars more flexy and puts your center of gravity closer to the front end 
for improved endoing enjoyment.)  Long chainstays stretch out the wheelbase 
and make the machine less choppy on uneven surfaces  (and unweight the rear 
wheel, but not at the cost of shoving your COG over the front wheel.

I think that long front triangles used to be an MTB thing?  Dunno if anyone 
aside from custom builders & cargobikes did long rear triangles before Riv 
did, though?

-david parsons

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