I won't be doing any super-technical ride reporting as it pertains to bike 
performance. I simply don't have the vernacular for it.  I have no idea 
what 'tunr-in' is.  I don't know what 'staid', 'tame', 'reluctant', 
'nervous', 'willing', mean in any objective sense.  I feel like 
descriptions like that tell me a lot more about the person writing them 
than the machine they are on.  If I'm going to talk about me, I'll do it 
directly.  :-)

Anyway, here is Bike #3.



This is my 1985 Schwinn Tempo, converted to 650B and Rinko.  I call it 
"Tinko".  I want to get the 200 in on this bike early, so I can get it out 
to Ed Litton for some frame mods.  The 200 miles will confirm my final 
decision that I want to make the mods.  Of all my bikes, this one looks the 
most like a classic road bike and fits like a classic road bike. 

Bill 148/2000 Lindsay
El Cerrito, CA

On Friday, August 4, 2017 at 12:46:26 PM UTC-7, Bill Lindsay wrote:
> I get a six week sabbatical from work from late August to early October. 
>  I had a bike tour plan, but it was going to be solo, so my family nixed 
> that.  My wife and kids are all quite busy, and I'm trying to really savor 
> where I live and the blessings I have, so I'm doing a six week stay-cation. 
>  The two main activities will be riding a bunch and handyman projects.  I'm 
> a numbers guy and I like measurable goals.  I'm also really happy with my 
> fleet and how every bike in my fleet is dialed.  One of the reasons I keep 
> the entire fleet dialed is for 'wear-leveling'.  I use them all so each of 
> them lasts a REALLY long time.  So, the measurable goal I've set for myself 
> is to ride 200 miles on each of 10 different bikes during the 92 days of 
> August+September+October 2017.  
> Bill Lindsay
> El Cerrito, Ca

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