This is a much reported quality on this list, whatever the name used: it's
the signature Rivendell feel of a bike that is stable on the straights, but
transitions to a turn without the least hint of hesitation or overeagerness
-- perfect balance in the transition. It's nothing really esoteric to
experience or describe. It's this quality that I've noticed all all 5
Rivendell bikes I've owned and that I think Grant ought to patent -- I'd
love to see a video of his interaction with the patent office!

At any rate, enough people on this list recognize it and report it that it
can fairly be considered "in the thing" and not merely "in the head."

On Sun, Aug 6, 2017 at 1:26 PM, Bill Lindsay <> wrote:

> ...  I have no idea what 'tunr-in' is.  I don't know what 'staid', 'tame',
> 'reluctant', 'nervous', 'willing', mean in any objective sense.  I feel
> like descriptions like that tell me a lot more about the person writing
> them than the machine they are on.

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