>From one DaveS Jones' owner to another (and previous Hunqapillar owner ) 
that has gone through a lot of n-1+1-2+2+1-1+2-2+1's, here's my .02 (I 
haven't read the other comments):

I had a Hunqapillar, just sold it, but only because I got a second wheelset 
for the Jones to swap out between 2.3" road tires and 3" knobby tires and 
it covers all the ground the Hunq did (long explanation why I liked the 
Jones over the Hunqapillar, but both are super awesome bikes and it could 
have easily gone the other way). I found that the Hunqapillar, when setup 
as a road rider with rat trap pass tires and albastache bars was just as 
good/fast as a Sam that I briefly owned (and consequently sold because I 
felt it was way too similar). I haven't ridden a Homer (other than a 
parking lot ride at RivHQ), but the feeling I get is that it's slightly 
lighter/thinner tubing than the Sam, but otherwise rides the same (I kinda 
remember Grant saying something about not noticing which bike he was on 
once he was on it, but other comments on this group pointed to a noticeable 
difference, I'm gonna say it's negligible). 

I say keep the Jones and the Bombadil and sell the Fargo and Troll. Get 
some road tires for the bombabil (I can't recommend Schable G-One's enough) 
and have that be your all rounder, and leave the Jones as your main Mtn 
Bike, those big ass tires more than make up for the front shock you're 
missing on the Surly. Assuming you have knobbies for the Bombadil as well, 
you have two bikes that can go on trails very easily. 

That is N-2. If, after all that, you decide you still want something more 
sporty (I assuming this is for road rides), check out the Roadini. I highly 
recommend the Rosco Road if there's any left, as it can fit wider tires 
than the Roadini (I love love love mine and it took over as my go fast road 
bike with Schwalbe G-One 38 or 40MM tires). 

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