I have a Bombadil and custom sport-touring kinda bike from '99, non Riv but I 
had it made with 46cm. chainstays and extended head tube and long top tube. 
Alba bars on both. It steers distinctively different than the Bomba, more 
responsive to arm and upper body movement. The frame has more flex too, 
espcially the fork blades, it's like a shock absorber. Just different, I like 
both. I ride 45mm tires on the Bomba and 35mm road tires on the other. Again, 
just different and I like both. I ride both almost all on road, I consider it 
an either or kinda thing. I like both. Neither one is faster/slower or 
whatever, just each uniquely a representation of "bike". If I had to have one 
it would be the Bombadil or another frame that builds on the qualities of the 
Bomba. I feel so in tune with it, and it with me. The other bike I had made 
with the intention of riding with drop bars, in fact Alba bars didn't even 
exist back then. The BB height is bit higher and so with Alba bars set above 
saddle height, it feels a little odd sometimes.

Only you know what you feel most in tune with, but you do know. If your Bomba 
is a 60 in decent shape and considering selling, I am interested if you'd like 
to know. No other production Riv fits me right, but that one does, it's like a 
golden slipper. Ahahahaahahah! 

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