Hi Patrick.  I've owned 4 bikes with threadless headsets and have had bad 
experiences with each one because of it.  For 2 of them---a Surly LHT and a 
Surly Cross Check, both bought new---I told the dealer I wanted the 
handlebars to be even with the top of a saddle set at 77cm.  He 
accomplished that by installing a 17 degree stem pointing skyward and then 
cutting the steerer with no room to go up.  Later when I wanted to raise my 
bars I couldn't, or at least not enough to matter.  I sold the LHT for that 
reason, and still use the CC for commuting but would like to replace it so 
I can get the bars higher.  I was considering a Roadini for that until I 
discovered that max tire width is 28mm with fenders, which isn't wide 
enough for me on Indianapolis streets.  The 3rd bike is a Waterford 1200 
that would be perfect except I can't get the bar higher than an inch below 
the saddle, and I'm selling it for that reason.  And lastly, I had a rando 
bike custom-built about 6-7 years ago, by a builder out of state.  I 
specifically told him to talk to me BEFORE he cut the steering tube, but he 
ignored that instruction.  He later said he had cut it but left plenty of 
room to raise the bars, but when I got the bike there was no buffer, and he 
refused to even talk to me about making it right.  I eventually paid others 
to replace the steerer and repaint the fork.  To be fair to threadless 
headsets 3 of these 4 cases were faults of the dealer's or builder's 
stupidity or disobeyance, but the problems wouldn't have occurred with 
threaded stems and show the limitations of threadless.  So I now stick to 
threaded, and it's nonnegotiable.  

Having said that, on about half my bikes I use a threadless stem with a 
riser, so I have the adjustability of threaded but can swap stems without 
stripping the handlebar.  It's not as sleek-looking as a Nitto stem, but 
the tradeoff is well worth it if there's any chance at all that I'll want 
to change the stem extension.  

On Sunday, August 6, 2017 at 3:54:15 PM UTC-4, Patrick Moore wrote:
> Dave: why don't you like threadless headsets? 

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