I really 42mm GB EL Hetres with the sks fenders for a while.  Tight but 
manageable.  I've been running the 1.75" parimotos for about 2 years now under 
berthoud steel fenders and want to compass tires next... I saw the new BSP 42's 
are going to be wider and tube less compatible which has me worried about 
space.  I may try it anyway, I think the critical spot is at the chainstay yoke 
and I could probably take a Dremel to the fender there and open up some room.

If not maybe I'll go back to the Hetres. The parimotos are fine but don't have 
that 'magic'... (Or amazing marketing)

When I do it I'll share pictures.  My A23 rims are supposedly also tubeless 
ready so I might mess around with that to.


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