I will add this about the sensation called "sporty" from this perspctive...... 
I find with 700c tires that tires in the 28-38mm range offer the best all 
around balance of everything. For road bikes, I grew up riding 27 x 1" to 
1-1/4" tires and later raced on 700c 25mm tires. I have nothing but positive 
memories of such riding. The feel of a real race bike with even narrow wheels 
and tires is utter joy. So I give pause to this trend of wider is better, it's 
not, its just wider, another sensation of riding. The riding never changes 
however ! 

Everyone will understand this, when you feel joy spring from your heart, you 
can be doing anything and it will be joyous. The doing does not spring forth 
the joy, the doing happens because of it. The joy already existed and the doing 
became irresistable and literally burst forth ☺  Such is the living of Life. 

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