FWIW, master mechanics I know use the best cutters available (Park Pro and 
Felco in equal numbers)  and still use a dental pick to round out the 
housing ends. 

I have a Dremel and love using it for many jobs. But too much time is 
wasted pulling it out, attaching the cutting wheel, plugging it in and then 
putting it all way when I can cut housing in less than 30 seconds with good 
Park cutters (the CN-10) and a dental pick. The CN-10 can be found for 
under $30 if you do a bit of search or use a coupon. You'll never regret 
spending the money for quality tools! 

Bill in Roswell, GA who owns a lot of cheap tools, but the tools I use the 
most are quality tools because it's not worth the repeated frustration of 
using cheap tools!

On Tuesday, August 8, 2017 at 6:10:01 PM UTC-4, Tim O. (Portland, OR) wrote:
> I've been using a cheapo tool to cut cables and housing forever, but it's 
> always a clunky process that results in frayed cables and/or frustration. I 
> hate cutting housing so much that I just left my housing way too long when 
> I recently changed my shifters.
> Just did a quick search to see what's out there and it looks like $20-40 
> bucks for something specific to bikes for cutting cable/housing. Does 
> anyone have experiences they'd like to share? Do I want a bike specific 
> cable cutter or can I get a generic hardware store version? Is it worth it 
> to spend the extra few $$ on this tool or do they all work the same? 
> If Riv sold one, I'd just buy that version.
> Thanks!
> Tim
> Portland, OR

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