On Tuesday, August 8, 2017 at 10:18:23 PM UTC-7, Joe Bernard wrote:
> I'll repeat my tip 'cause I think it got missed: Cutting the housing (Park 
> cutter) with a scrap piece of cable inside helps keep the end round. A 
> dental pick to finish it is still a good idea.

What I've taken to doing when I cut brake housing short is to make two cuts 
(Park tool) -- first to cut it one loop of housing wire too long (the cut 
end always folds over the middle of the housing here) and then a second cut 
at right angles to cut that folded piece off and leave the center open for 
the brake cable.    When I cut shifter cable housing, I'll just cut it off 
to size, then use the cable shaping form in the handle to squash it back 
round before fitting the housing cap.

In both cases I almost never have to chase the center to provide clearance 
for the cable; in the cases where the cable hangs up on the end it's 
because it's been caught on a piece of the plastic liner and pushing the 
cable through clears that obstruction for good  (and I use brifters on all 
of my non-fixies, so I'd notice it if there was something obstructing cable 

-david parsons

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