The more substantial changes in the Clems are the now-straight seat stays 
and the smaller seat tube. The originals also had the "speed-blend 
nipples." A little surprised it comes with 9-speed. I just could not get 
the SunRace shifters to work for me, switched them out for stem shifters. 
Enjoy your new machine, love that acid green color!

On Wednesday, August 9, 2017 at 12:47:31 AM UTC-4, Joe Bernard wrote:
> I got my Cheviot-green 52 CLEM L (complete) today; a couple of interesting 
> notes: It uses a 9-speed drivetrain instead of 8 from the first run, and 
> the SunRace upside-down-backwards friction shifters are the higher-level 
> series with a click or friction option on the left-supposed-to-be-right 
> shifter. If you want to go full click on the rear you can rearrange the 
> shifters to outside the bar. Also, the spoke nipples are several colors for 
> a neat Speedblend effect (does anyone remember Speedblend tires?)
> I'll get pics tomorrow when I've installed saddle, fenders and rack and 
> get outside. 

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