There is some luck involved in finding the right buyer.  That being the 
case, it's way easier to luck into finding the right buyer if your bike is 
in the Medium size range.  If it's a 47cm or a 73cm it may take longer to 
find the person you need. 

BL in EC

On Tuesday, August 8, 2017 at 10:14:35 PM UTC-7, G.E. wrote:
> I'm in need of some assistance and am hoping some of you here might have 
> thoughts and be able to offer suggestions. I purchased a NOS Saluki/Hilsen 
> from Riv at the beginning of the year and built it up. It's been ridden, 
> but not much (it's a second Riv for me). My husband and I agreed that we 
> would each sell a bicycle in order to make space and help fund the purchase 
> of a tandem we can ride together. Unfortunately for me, this is the only 
> bike I can really see letting go of in the current bunch since it functions 
> mostly as a duplicate as far as purpose in the bike fold goes.
> Anyway... long story short, I need some help in regard to a selling price. 
> Obviously, I can calculate out the cost of what I paid for the frame/fork 
> and all the parts, but I'm looking for realistic numbers for a (mostly) 
> whole bike. I don't intend to sell the saddle, pedals, or any carrying 
> stuff like bags, baskets, racks, but otherwise it has fenders and all the 
> parts necessary for riding. I don't want to be unrealistic about a price, 
> but if you have thoughts on what these are typically going for these days, 
> I would appreciate your feedback. Additionally, if you have thoughts on a 
> good place(s) to try to list it, that would be helpful too. I'm trying to 
> avoid eBay if I can help it. 
> Thanks so much in advance for your thoughts.

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