Selling a bike can be daunting.

First more details will help us determine the value pics please. I find taking 
really good pictures using even light really makes a difference. Plan on using 
a decent camera with a good lens borrow one if necessary.

As much as I dislike eBay the site can be useful, ergo, broader audience. I 
never list as a auction as the fees are higher and you have less control. I 
only list as buy it now or make an offer, this way I can cancel the listing 
anytime. The last two bikes I sold the buyers found my bikes on eBay and were 
smart enough to  contact me outside eBay. I still list on the RBW ,iBoB groups 
and Craigslist because a friend of a friend may see the listing.

Be patient, don't get upset over low-ball offers, know your bottom line. Use 
eBay sold and incomplete listings to research your price? Prices on eBay are 
generally always higher because of their fees and PayPal fees.

There's more but I don't feel like pecking on my mobile anymore. Feel free to 
reach out to me and I'll be happy to help. 



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