You all are fantastic! I didn't expect to have so many responses so 
quickly. I really appreciate all of your feedback. Many, many thanks to you 

As for more details... It is a small frame, so I am aware that there 
doesn't seem to be quite the market for those sizes (47cm to be exact). The 
frame was a NOS that Rivendell was selling early this year and it was 
custom painted so it's a different color than the standard blue Homer 
Hilsens or the orange Salukis. I believe that it was actually old Saluki 
stock, but when Rivendell was selling it, they said it was the same as the 
Homer Hilsen, so I could choose either set of stickers. I think it's a 
beautiful color... but of course, I chose it. :) Anyway, as for parts, it 
has the Sugino triple (I think it's the 24-36-46, but I'd have to double 
check to be sure... the bottom might be a 26). It has albatross handlebars 
with Dura-Ace bar end shifters. I'm fairly certain this one is set up with 
the 8sp shifters because we had them in a box of parts (again, I'd have to 
double check to make certain it wasn't 9 sp). The wheels are nothing 
special - just a standard 650b set (I'll have to look to get specifics). It 
has Soma New Xpress cream tires with Stop2 Flats liners inside.

I'm located in Colorado, so I'm also aware that there isn't the same market 
here as there is in northern CA.

As for photos... I haven't removed everything yet that won't go with it 
(what will come off is the saddle, pedals, bag, basket, rack), but some 
pics taken in the wild can be seen 

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