Got it yesterday, did a few miles shakedown/adjust-stuff ride today. To steal 
Velouria's blog name, what a lovely bike! It has the magical 
smooth-but-maneuverable Riv ride, and boy is that low toptube nice at when 
hopping on and off. After years of enjoying the low stepover of folding bikes, 
I find the high tube on "regular" bikes a mostly unnecessary obstacle, so this 
is wonderful (bonus: no bars crashing into tubes!).

Details: Those Boscos reach WAY back; I'll be lopping an inch off before the 
next ride. 

The SunRace shifters are reversed 9-speed click/friction, and only the right 
friction-only shifter has any kind of ratchet effect when pushing to 
lower/easier cogs. The original ratchety shifters on the first Clem run had a 
lot of clicks on both sides, both directions, and I found them hard to operate 
on the demo Clem H I ride last year. To help explain what's new: if you mounted 
these normally, they're the same as Shimano bar-ends with pure friction front, 
index or pure friction rear. As installed they both work great in friction mode.

The gearing is perfect with 38-24 chainrings and pie plate 9-speed cassette. 
Grant's right, it's hard to imagine why you would need a big ring up front.

Although the ride is similar - maybe a little more relaxed/cushy - to the 
Appaloosa I sold, the vibe is VERY different. With the sit-up riding position, 
mixte frame, and certainly with the green paint on this one, there's very much 
a "Raleigh 3-speed" thing going on which I get a kick out of. I rode in my 
standard costume of MUSA shorts, Pletscher T-shirt and Riv fake-leather 
gloves..all good..but this is the first time my swoopy Specialized helmet and 
Oakley M Frames felt completely ridiculous on a bicycle. I think I need a 

I love the heart seatlug, which only works on mixte frames. It sits high, proud 
and pretty, and leaves the impression (in my mind) of someone creating a lug, 
then designing a bicycle around it. Here's some pics I took today and yep...I 
forgot to do a lug closeup. Doh!

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