That must have been the first Redlands ride that you hosted.  Looks very 
springtime with everything still green, and that hasn't happened for while 
until this year.  

Hope they are able to get that price.  Does seem like something a collector 
would lust after.  The things you find on Craigslist......


On Wednesday, August 9, 2017 at 6:58:00 PM UTC-7, cyclot...@gmail.com wrote:
> Doug, That's my friend Bryn's bike! You rode with her and Arlo at least 
> once: https://www.flickr.com/photos/cyclotourist/4469017732/
> Here's a photo to show how fast she can go on it: 
> https://www.flickr.com/photos/cyclotourist/4469041906/ 
> The frame was made in the transitional years after Joe Stark and Curt 
> Goodrich stopped building, and when Grant was trying on different builders 
> for size. Richard Sachs built three Rivendell customs, of which this is 
> frame number two (RS2).
> If it fits you or someone you care about, would be a GREAT road bike. 
> Classic road geometry, fits a 32mm. I always kept bugging her to do a 650B 
> conversion on it, as I think it begs for one! Classic garage queen, she 
> rides her MTB and now her Salsa XC bike a lot more. This one has had 
> probably less than 50 miles since purchasing the Salsa in 2010. Unmentioned 
> is that it also has a TA Zephyr triple crankset, the best crankset ever 
> made according to some highly biased people.
> They are flexible on price, so don't let the asking price scare you off. 
> They're hoping for an off-shore collector type with petro-dollars to burn 
> that will swoop in and grab it. If that's not you, drop 'em a line and work 
> something out!
> On Wednesday, August 9, 2017 at 2:46:43 PM UTC-7, dougP wrote:
>> All things considered, this one could be considered a collector's item.  
>> Hopefully someone will jump on it & ride it.  
>> dougP
>> On Wednesday, August 9, 2017 at 2:39:20 PM UTC-7, Beaverton Bob wrote:
>>> https://portland.craigslist.org/mlt/bik/d/richard-sachs-built-custom/6238145416.html
>>> Thought it would be interesting for the group to see this!
>>> Ride Safely,
>>> Beaverton Bob

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