I'm not as brave as Tom and run 60mm Berthouds over 37mm tires and theres a 
little too much gap aesthically, i think 42-44 would look a little better 
and fit fine.  

I have VO, Honjo and Berthouds and think the berthouds compare well, i've 
not weighed them but they seem more durable/tough then the other two. 
 They're priced well and were the easiest of the 3 to install.  The 
berthouds attachment for the stays is slimmer so the TO is slightly less if 
that matters.   PJW do not show the 60mm on his site so you may need to 
give him a call.   

I don't think Tom's setup is dangerous, but it requires a level of 
attention (to make sure it does not go out of alignment into dangerous) 
that i can't keep up with :)

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