My riding is similar and I'm running a 1x9 drivetrain on my Karate Monkey 
and although I have a triple on my vintage Trek MTB, I've never shifted out 
of the middle ring.  I mostly ride both bikes as single-speeds and only 
shift if I'm really tired and/or I have a really strong headwind.  


On Thursday, August 10, 2017 at 2:31:54 PM UTC-5, Chris Birkenmaier wrote:
> I'm chewing on what to put on my forthcoming Mountain Mixte.  I have a 
> number of different set ups now - mostly, but not all - Alfine 8 or 11 
> IGH's.  Have a 1X10 on my Soma San Marcos.  Over the years I have moved 
> away from front and back derailleurs but not ruling them out on this one. 
> Was wondering what you folks are planning on for yours or hearing from 
> those that have the previous large Mixtes?  Frankly, this group is so 
> knowledgeable that I'd be happy to hear anyone's thoughts.  My purpose is 
> mostly recreational riding on paved or gravel paths on mostly flat to 
> rolling terrain.  Basically pretty mild stuff.  I'm no Deacon Patrick :) 
> Chris

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