The world collectively sighs in relief. Grin.

I love the simplicity and range of my 2x9 with 38/24 chain rings and 12-36 
rear cassette. Thumb shifter for the rear, no derailure for the front. 
Granny is reserved for trail and now-there's-a-hill! dirt roads. In more 
mild terrain than mine, a 40 or even 42 would be a good main chain ring. I 
use a narrow-wide chain ring for better retention and it works great 
(granny is always in a high tension gear anyway so doesn't come off).  The 
outer chain ring is my rock guard with teeth (well, a few are left 
anyroad). Grin.

With abandon,

On Thursday, August 10, 2017 at 1:31:54 PM UTC-6, Chris Birkenmaier wrote:
>  I'm no Deacon Patrick :)

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