Thanks for all the interest in the bike parts. The cranks and RD have both sold.


> On Aug 9, 2017, at 11:38 PM, J L <> wrote:
> Hey gang, sorry for the crosspost.
> I have a couple of gems up for sale:
> TA pro 5 vis cranks, 170mm English thread. Current production cyclotouriste 
> rings 46/30 rings  Upgraded hardware 
> Everything is high polished and VGC 9/10 on a quality rating
> Dura Ace 7703 RD same level of finish and 9/10 quality overall 
> Big pulleys / medium cage
> Rated at 38 tooth capacity
> Easily set up with a 32t rear cog I didn't try for larger
> Crank set -$150 shipped 
> Derailleur - $120 shipped
> Tiny pics attached - full size available.
> <image1.JPG>
> <image2.JPG>
> <image3.JPG>
> <image4.JPG>
> Everything has a higher level of shine than in the photos. I took them from a 
> low angle because there was too much glare off the metal otherwise. 
> Reply offlist please (it helps to reduce thread clutter).
> Thanks
> Jason
> SF, CA

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