Those questions, well my version of them, drove me round the bend. The good 
news was I hadn't far to go. Grin. At which point I realized there was no 
way to answer those questions except after I rode the bike. I attempted, 
and largely failed, to enter into a peace, accepting that I couldn't do 
anything but spin my imaginary wheels, so I might as well trust my initial 
discernment (St. Ignatius says never to change a decision made in 
consolation when you're in desolation. Wise man.). Where I managed to be 
successful, I refocused my efforts to things I actually could do whenever 
the imaginary spinning began. Kept me (just) this side of sanity. Unless 
you ask anyone other than me. Grin.

With abandon,

On Thursday, August 10, 2017 at 3:08:54 PM UTC-6, Daniel D. wrote:
> I hopped right on the Roadini.  Since it's a pre-order with a wait, a 
> tinge of worry has creeped in. I've never bought a bike before taking a 
> spin on it let alone not being able to touch it or a pre-order.  Will I 
> like it, will parts selection be a pain in the butt, what if it rides like 
> my drop bar touring bike, look at that shiny titanium thing over 
> there....blah blah blah
> Should've grabbed that $1600 minty choco-bar orange Sam...nah I wanted 
> something roadieish

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