I misquoted the "Min SH" column as the PBH range.  My mistake.  The PBH 
column (1st col) shows a 74 to 75cm PBH range.  

The takeaway is: concentrate on women as buyers.

John Hawrylak
Woodstown NJ

On Thursday, August 10, 2017 at 1:03:49 PM UTC-4, G.E. wrote:

> *John*: I was going to say that I believe the PBH was 73-74, rather than 
> 63-64 as Bill pointed out, but yes, it's definitely going to be for a 
> smaller stature individual, most likely female. 
> *Joe*: I think you're likely correct. I'm pretty sure it wasn't a JB 
> paint job, as I'm sure I would've paid for that! :)
> *Blakcloud*: Thank you! I wish my other Rivendell was this color because 
> I really do love it. Thanks for your suggestions and price thoughts as 
> well. I actually have a set of drop bars I was considering mounting instead 
> of the albatross bars, which would make the brake levers less clunky 
> looking (and yes, I do understand what you're saying about this and agree). 
> The cork grips tore in removal, so I'd have to get another set of grips 
> (which wouldn't be a huge deal), so it's a matter of deciding which way to 
> go with that.
> You all continue to be helpful, so thank you!

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