Patrick, I have a similar issue, though a different use for the tires. I am 
going to be using my Joe as a hauler/commuter and so I want a tire that will 
make flats rare. I use the Snoqualmie Pass tires right now, but flats are 
inevitable with those tires, and I'd rather avoid the hassle on this particular 
bike.The problem is, I'm so spoiled by the ride of these tires that I'm loathe 
to use something that's going to feel sluggish. I have a set of Schwalbe 
Almotion 700 x 50s, but they weigh about 800 grams each, I believe, and both 
tires wobble on the rims. (After a similarly wobbly Kojaks a couple of years 
ago, I think I'm done with Schwalbe. Seems to be a common complaint.) I may go 
with the Clement Xplor 700 x 50.


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