> <https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-jUXAuXx0ml0/WY3F3sVKG0I/AAAAAAAAATE/BWxylvCA1dQ8qxSQoe2v_7_pVyYQYLoeQCLcBGAs/s1600/IMG_6557.JPG>
> To answer Irreguleur's question:  One of the biggest advantages to getting 
> rid of the front derailleur are;  Weight. You are getting rid of a shifter, 
> the front derailleur, one or two chainrings and their bolts, and cables and 
> housing. You also never have to worry about cross chaining, chain drop, 
> front cable replacement, multiple ring replacements or listening to your 
> chain on bumpy terrain when you accidently have your chain in the small, 
> small. My son gave me a new 1X11 SramXX group for Christmas and I have not 
> missed my front derailleur at all. I put a little deer antler crown on my 
> unused downtube shifter mount to protect my leg. I had to make a few 
> changes to how the shifter mounts on drop bars, but I am quite happy with 
> my ergonomic changes. It is easier to operate from the drops than brifters. 
> If I had the money, I might consider getting Srams single ring road gruppo. 

Clayton (Bendite) 

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