+1 on the Atlas recommendation. Due to issues with my Clementine's stock 
Alex wheelset, I upgraded to Riv's Atlas/Velocity. About a week later I hit 
a pothole at night at speed and the rear rim got toasted. But I was able to 
get home on it and if it were something not as robust, the situation could 
have been worse. It's a good looking wheelset, and unless you are racing or 
do a lot of Strava uphill challenges, they make a lot of sense for a Mt. 

On Friday, August 11, 2017 at 3:17:29 PM UTC-4, adam leibow wrote:
> Paul, I would go with the Atlas rims. They *might* be overkill, but they 
> aren't crazy heavy or anything, just good, confidence-inspiring, rim-brake 
> mountain touring rims. I have a set of A23's on my cross bike and I wish 
> they were wider. My friend destroyed a pair of A23's, just be better safe 
> than sorry. The wider rim is better for a wider tire, anyways. 
> On Friday, August 11, 2017 at 8:30:29 AM UTC-7, Paul Clifton wrote:
>> I'm one of the folks anxiously anticipating the arrival of an MTBubbe 
>> frame. Long time Rivbike listener, first time Rivbike owner here.
>> *Wheels* - Has anyone used the Velocity built Atlas wheels offered by 
>> Riv? They seem like a really good option for a very reasonable price, but 
>> Atlas rims may be overkill for me. Any thoughts? The A23s seem narrow but 
>> are probably plenty strong. I'd try Pacenti Brevets or Forza's.
>> Any suggestions for wide rim brake 650b rims that are between A23 and 
>> Atlas? What about a source for an A23 wheelset with a dynamo?
>> I'm going to call a few shops today and see what I can get locally.
>> *WTB*
>> For the bike, I've got a pretty solid bar ends and Albatross build 
>> planned, but I need some parts to finish it off. I can buy a lot of this 
>> stuff new, but I thought someone on the list might be interested in selling 
>> me some used parts:
>>    - Front and rear deraillers - Deore or similiar (8 or 9 speed)
>>       - I'm also interested in a more road oriented set. I can pull the 
>>       Deore's off my Boulder, but I'd want the RD to clear a 32.
>>       - V brakes and levers - Deore, XT, or Avid, or others 
>>    - 24 tooth chainring (74 bcd, pretty sure, and chainring bolts)
>>    - Seatpost - 26.8 (two bolts if I'm lucky)
>>    - Wheelset - 650b
>>    - Tires - 650b between 42 and 50 mm wide. Not picky at the moment, 
>>    but definitely not any super light things that get punctured by glass and 
>>    thorns and wires. My neighborhood is not well-kept.
>> I just prefer used parts if I can get them, so let me know what you're 
>> trying to get rid of.
>> Maybe I'll get lucky at the co-op...
>> *Crankset For Trade*
>> Shimano Deore XT FC-M730 with 175mm arms. I'd like to trade for something 
>> with similar looking arms (Sugino maybe) with 172.5 length. The crank is 
>> WELL USED (lots of scuffs and scratches) so I'll don't be shy about your 
>> offers. If there's no takers, I'll just ride 175s.
>> I had a bunch of this stuff in my bin, but I've been building bikes for 
>> friends and family all spring and summer, and it's kinda wiped me out. For 
>> example, two old cranksets and all my spare chainrings and a bunch of old 
>> shimano deraillers are now being ridden! So now I have to rebuild my stash. 
>> So I'm not picky. I just want to get my new bike rolling!
>> Thanks!
>> Paul in ATL

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