Thanks for watching my YouTube video. Get the Appaloosa. The Hunq and the 
Appaloosa are very similar.

My Appaloosa and Trek 830 are pretty similar too. The biggest difference is 
fork. My Trek has an ordinary fork - the OG fork was bent. The Appaloosa's 
slender fork makes for a better ride. Also the bottom bracket drop (78mm on 
Appaloosa) makes for a better handling ride. The Riv is way lighter than the 

The best analogy I can think of is that the old Trek 830 is like finding a 
stylish suit at the thrift store, one that looks really cool and feels good, 
but the Appaloosa is like getting a new suit tailored to fit you, and it looks 
cool, feels good, and fits amazing. 

I just changed the bars on the Appaloosa to the Riv Bullmoose. Third set of 
bars and still tinkering. 


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