Bump and price update: $1400 for everything, $1200 for just the bike 
without rack, bag, and extra set of tires.  

On Sunday, July 2, 2017 at 2:48:12 PM UTC-7, Jeremy Till wrote:
> For sale is one 52cm Clem Smith Jr. complete bike with the H-type frame in 
> green.  This was originally one of the pre-production demo bikes that 
> Rivendell had for test rides before the first production run.  My wife 
> bought it as an off-road bike but it ended up being a bit too big for her. 
>   My sister-in-law tried it for a while and came to the same conclusion, so 
> time to pass it on.  Full set of pictures here: 
> https://flic.kr/s/aHskYwHU5D
> Because it was a demo bike, it was built up at Rivendell and has a 
> different and nicer mix of parts than the stock bikes, including: 
> -FSA Duron sealed bearing headset
> -Sugino XD cranks setup as a wide/low double.  
> -MKS Sneaker Pedals
> -The nice cartridge bearing Silver hubs that come on the Appaloosa and Sam 
> now.  
> -Shimano CX50 cantilever brakes with the Dia-Compe SS-6 levers.  
> -Schwalbe Super Moto X tires--light, puffy, fast, dream ride type tires. 
>  Think Super Moto casing with the Big Ben tread.  
> We've swapped in a pair of fillet brazed 58cm Bosco Bullmoose bars, from a 
> special batch that had the bar brazed onto the extensions at a slightly 
> different angle than the stock ones, so that the ends of the bars angle 
> down a bit more.  To me, they feel like they put my wrists in a more 
> natural position.  I'm not sure if Riv ever officially listed them but John 
> at Rivelo had a pair when I visited last summer and I bought them from him. 
> My wife also never really liked the "click but not indexed" thumb shifters 
> that came with it so we swapped in front and rear Shimano Deore index 
> trigger shifters, as well as a XT front derailleur.  The shifting works 
> great now.  There is some marking in the paint on the seatube where the 
> original Claris front derailleur was, since the XT one mounts lower.  I 
> still have the original shifters if you would prefer those.  
> Aside from the front derailleur marking, being a test bike the finishing 
> isn't perfect; their is some cracking on the decals, the right hand one 
> isn't completely straight, and the headbadge isn't exactly centered. 
>  However, it does have some nice paint touches that don't come on the 
> complete bikes: the "wings" on the top of the fork crown are painted white, 
> the "RBW"s on the headtube rings are filled in white, as well as the 
> windows on the seat lug.  
> Along with all this I'm throwing in a Nitto Mini Front Rack with matching 
> Sackville TrunkSack Small bag, as well as a pair of Specialized Ground 
> Control Sport 650b x 2.1" knobby tires for off-roading with.  $1500 for all 
> of this, and no need to wait for Rivendell to get them back in stock.  
> I'm located in Sacramento, CA with easy access to the SF Bay Area.  If 
> you're interested but elsewhere let me know and we can talk about shipping. 

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