Yes, Steve, I am having a great deal of fun.  It is only pointless to the 
extent that this particular structure of 200 miles on each of 10 bikes is 
totally arbitrary.  The fact that this arbitrary structure leads me to get 
on my bike more more often is not pointless.  This morning, I finished 
making my daughter breakfast, and I knew I wanted to get 25 to 30 miles in, 
and I said to myself "I need more coffee, and Ely is having a show at Lucky 
Duck".  I jumped on my bike and essentially ran an errand and paid a social 
visit and rode my bike 26 miles in civilian dress.  Without the arbitrary 
structure of a pointless challenge, I might have driven to get coffee and 
very likely would have skipped going to downtown Oakland.  

BL in EC

On Saturday, August 12, 2017 at 4:19:19 PM UTC-7, Steve Palincsar wrote:
> So are you having fun?  I get the sense that you are, and that this 
> self-challenge so far has been anything but pointless.

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