I think that my briefly- (18 months?) owned Sam was, like yours, a stt with
cantis, and a 59 cm tt. I wish I'd played around more with the stem length
and the bar position before selling it -- though there were other reasons
why I sold it, too, besides my gripe with the tt. But if I'd thought more
hard about sta icw ttl (figger it out), and if I had kept it long enough
for the Snoqualimie Passes to appear --- why, I might just have had me a
very wonderful allroad bike!

Not that I regret giving mine up for, eventually, the Matthews, since the
Matthews takes the fatter tires -- 50 mm + -- with fenders, that I really
do like for our bosque sand. But still, a Sam with Snoqalmie Pass tires
might be even better than an All Rounder with Rat Trap Passes.

On Wed, Aug 9, 2017 at 1:34 PM, Bill Lindsay <tapebu...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Introducing Bike #5, another very dear old friend, my Samuel Hillborne.
> This was my first Rivendell, and it marked a significant inflection point
> in my cycling career.  I bought it in December 2009, and my cycling life
> could easily be separated into BH (Before Hillborne) and AH (After
> Hillborne).  Before Hillborne, I was a TTLZ, a Top Tube Length Zealot.  I
> would look at one number on a geo-chart, the effective top tube length.  If
> it was 56.5cm, it fit me.  If it was not 56.5cm, it did not fit me.  That's
> what I thought.  After Hillborne, I realized that you can't say anything
> about fit from top tube length alone and in isolation.  The biggest thing
> for Rivendells, in my opinion is seat tube angle.  Before Hillborne, I
> slammed the saddle all the way back, on every bike, all the time, because
> every other bike had a steep seat tube angle.  I believe that in December
> 2009 there was no other production 'road bike' on earth with a 71.5 degree
> seat tube angle.  There might still be no other non-Rivendell production
> bikes on Earth with a 71.5 degree seat tube angle.  Because the seat tube
> angle is slack, you'll run the saddle 1-2cm further forward, right in the
> middle of the rails, which looks great and fits.  Voila! You're top tube is
> 2cm shorter that you thought when you were a TTLZ.  Anyway, here's Sam, on
> my morning 40 mile commute through the East Bay Hills, with Fog-gust in
> full effect.
> <https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-_39duFv0CyI/WYtgLuB6T4I/AAAAAAAADe4/SRGSO5wCmLE5D18X55YhIIwOeCXCiMAZQCLcBGAs/s1600/IMG_2038.JPG>
> Every time I contemplate on a Rivendell Custom, I invariably end up
> defining a bike that is almost identical to my 56cm, single top tube,
> cantilever Hillborne.  For me in 2017, it is just about my perfect all-road
> bike.  38mm tires + fenders is ample for a sensible road bike.  After
> Hillborne, that's my attitude.  A road bike that only takes 32mm tires with
> fenders is most definitely a "racing bike" in my AH categories.

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