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> TCO ends up being a problem---in my opinion---only in theoretics, but not in
> practice. THere are some builders who would disagree; and although in the
> spirit of diplomacy and reasonableness and "agreeing to disagree" and all
> that, I accept that....I can't understand it. To fear TCO or to regard it as
> Dangerous....well, it's ust something that to me doesn't make any sense.

I also disagree - I strongly dislike toe clip overlap, having
encountered it on a few frames (I usually ride long-raked 60-62cm
frames now, so have little problem). It can be a problem
trackstanding, riding slowly, turning sharply while riding a fixed
gear, riding offroad, and climbing slowly. If it doesn't make you
crash, it's still annoying, inconvenient, and I don't want to sit
around while riding constantly thinking, "Oh, I better be careful not
to jamb my shoe into my fender". Bicycles should not cause this kind
of low-grade anxiety. It's unnecessary - if a bike has TCO, the wheels
are too big. Design it out with smaller wheels!

One cyclist's opinion.

James Black
Los Angeles, CA

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