One value-add, as they say in biznis speak, is what appears (from owning 5
Rivendells) a signature Rivendell handling quality which I experience as
straight line stability with "unerring" transition into turns. I had hoped
to get this from my Matthews, but didn't (and given that I ride 50 or, now,
60 mm tires at pressures in the low 20s, perhaps you simply can't get it

But I'd be curious to learn what other custom builders have captured this
handling quality. I daresay it's not magic, but I certainly have found it
more with each of the 5 Rivs (tho' not all to the same degree) than with
other bikes I've owned, and I've owned quite a number.

Bertin, someone else's name.

On Thu, Feb 1, 2018 at 8:37 AM, Dave Small <>

> [...]
> Based solely on price, I don't foresee ever buying a custom Riv.  There's
> an excellent local builder who'd build a custom lugged or fillet-brazed
> steel frame and fork with all the bells and whistles I'd want for
> (currently) $2350 or less.  I'd go that route and get a bike just as nice
> for much less than a Riv custom.  A lot of good builders exist who would
> build a nice custom in the same ballpark of price, so in that respect Riv's
> custom prices do seem high.  It's a good thing that custom orders aren't
> their bread and butter.

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