John  mentions a u-lock being cut, but the ad as currently missing does not 
contain this info. I assume either the cl poster changed the copy to appear 
less incriminating or John made a logical assumption, since it is doubtful 
the bike would last more than a few hours in one spot  unlocked. So kind of 
easy to determine if this was theft. Just imagine a police officer had 
observed this person "saving" this bicycle.

Officer: Freeze! Drop the bolt cutters and back away from the bike slowly. 
You're under arrest,.
Good Samaritan: Huh? For what?
Officer: Bike theft, wise guy.
GS: Oh. (Chuckles lightly).  Right. No, it's not how it looks. See, the 
bike has been parked here  for a couple of weeks now. I was becoming 
concerned that it might get  stolen or stripped of parts, so I'm taking it  
to post on craigslist, to keep it safe and remind the owner they forgot to 
pick up their bicycle.
Officer: Right, pal. And when kids lose a tooth you go around putting 
quarters under their pillows and that's not breaking and entering.

The CL poster claims he observed the bike in the same spot for several 
weeks. Obviously during. that time it would not have been difficult for him 
to look up the correct procedure for this situation. After something like 
this gets reported to the city hotline, I imagine the police or public 
works  dept. at some point will cut the lock and take possession of the 
bicycle. By taking it upon himself to remove it, the cl guy puts the bike 
in his control. If he reunites the bike with its rightful owner, he's a 
hero. If nobody claims it, he is the proud new owner of a Rivendell. 
Whether he is willing to admit it or not, I detect larceny in his heart.

On Wednesday, January 31, 2018 at 2:21:40 PM UTC-5, John A. Bennett wrote:
> A Sam Hillborne was spotted in the same spot for weeks on end until 
> someone finally cut the u-lock and posted this on Craigslist.
> As of now, as far as I know, the Craigslist poster has not heard from the 
> owner. 
> Anyone out there?
> All I know, 
> John, in Portland (who isn't really in on the whole thing, just posting 
> this here in the hopes it will raise owner) 

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