I have been using the 35 non Jon pass tires on my Rando bike for 1.5 years now. 
They have been amazing. Prior to going to London this past summer for LEL 
1400km, I looked at the tires and thought... “hmm, I should replace those.” 
Instead, I went against conventional wisdom and rotated the tires. I’ve put 
probably 2,000 more miles on them since. And they’re still kicking. 

I ride the standard casing BJP tubeless at 65psi rear, 60psi front. I’ve had 1 
flat in, who knows 5-6k miles, on a 400k caused by a metal shard. Removed 
shard, added air, sealed right up. The only other flat was one morning when I 
walked into the basement and it went flat overnight due to low sealant. I love 
the ride feel and the durability. I could ride a potentially more durable tire 
but why suffer a dead riding tire? 

I purchased some BJP EL to upgrade to. I’ll be doing that when I retire the 
existing wheel set/tires to a different bike.
I also purchashed some EL 650bx48’s. I enjoy the WTB Horizons on my Elephant 
but they are slightly dead feeling. I acknowledge those horizons will NEVER 
wear out. Whenever the sealant dries up, I guess I’ll swap them then and 

I scoffed at Compass tires for years feeling justified in not spending that 
much for tires just to get more flats.
My experience has been entirely to the contrary.

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