yes, prices went up for a lot of one-man shops as well. most full-time 
custom builders are starting at $3000-3300.

i do realize that there are builders that can offer it for less than that, 
but usually they have other streams of income other than building customs, 
or are not full time, or do not build with high end steel, or have much 
less experience, etc. etc. even then, a lot of their prices went up as well.

material cost is going up, and it seems to have coincided with true temper 
pulling itself out of the bicycle tube market and refocusing on gold club 
market. i doubt labor price is going up much (if at all) for custom 
builders in the US.

On Friday, February 2, 2018 at 10:56:24 AM UTC-5, Eric wrote:
> So when I heard this news I was kind of surprised. I was like...didn't 
> they just raise prices?! 
> My surprise was akin to hearning my grandma when she learned a cup of 
> coffee was 3 plus dollars (not for this guy thanks to my AeroPress!)
> Anyways, I did a little comparison shopping. I shopped around to Hampsten, 
> Indy Fab, Co-Motion, etc. and found that prices for the Atlantis, AHH, Hunq 
> were on par with other brands.
> I guess as I get older I get more sticker shock than I used to. Soon it'll 
> be "old man yells at cloud". 

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