Justin approves and disapproves, as is his right.  I think this guy in PDX 
sounds like a guardian angel, and I hope deep in my soul that this story 
has a happy ending and turns out to be victimless.  If something of mine 
got stolen I'd rather it be safe and warm in a nice guys house where I 
"might" find it, rather than abandoned locked on a pole for weeks.  

That said, I'm not comfortable with the notion of individuals in a 
civilized society deciding arbitrarily when it is OK for them to take 
property that isn't theirs without consent.  The innocence of our 
Craigslist angel is established completely by us believing his story about 
his intent.  It's just a variant of the "I was just borrowing it" defense.  
That defense is valid if we believe it, and is invalid if we don't.  

I don't have an answer, or a conclusion.  I even asked my lawyer friends 
about it.  They all (well 2 of 2) think the Craigslist angel should be 
charged with a crime.  

BL in EC

On Friday, February 2, 2018 at 9:14:46 AM UTC-8, Justin, Oakland wrote:
> Bill-
> I approve of your Ska-inclusiveness but disapprove of your ska-analogy. 
> See you in the pit,
> Justin

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