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So let me get this straight. A guy is about to go on a four day tour and the night before he decides to "screw around" with the threadless headset. However, he has no idea what he's doing and then a couple of hours into the ride, the headset comes loose and he has no idea how to adjust it nor does he have a 5mm to fix it?!  Wow. I agree in that scenario, there is no advantage. I guess the advantage would be to a threaded headset as he would need two specific tools (32mm or 36mm) to adjust it.  In that case, the threaded headset would probably keep him from being tempted to "screw around" with the headset the night before a big ride.  Unbelievable....

What I said was: /"...threadless *in all but one case (and he was screwing around with the headset the night before,* didn't adjust it right and left the wrench in the car -- and this as we were about 2 hrs into a 4 day tour in South Dakota!)" //
No, a threaded headset, and I guess he wanted everything just so completely perfect, but got tired before he finished and maybe dozed off and forgot he hadn't tightened it down.  And he left the wrenches in the van, which we'd left at the B&B.   In the area where we were, once you get outside Rapid City it's virtually all game preserves and little in the way of habitations, and certainly no place where you could find the wrenches needed to properly tighten a threaded headset.  Now you'd think that in itself would keep someone from messing around, but the urge to screw around with things the night before is hard to resist for some.

One time I talked a guy from work, a systems engineer, into joining me at the Mathews County "Tour de Chesapeake."  This was his very first ever bike event.  The night before, he decided to completely take his rear derailleur apart in the hotel room, including removing the pulleys.  In the process, he lost some parts, took him half the night to find where they ended up.  So as everyone else is taking off on the ride next morning, there he is trying to reassemble a rear derailleur with his bike laid out on the grass in front of the school.

Steve Palincsar
Alexandria, Virginia

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