As others have mentioned, what I get hung up on is, what will the CL dude do 
if/when nobody comes forward for the bike? Does he have an ultimate plan on 
that? Will he eventually assume nobody is coming back for it and relinquish it 
to the police as a 'found item'? Or will he keep it indefinitely? How much time 
will have to pass before it's time to act on that decision?

There are many reasons why the original owner of the bike may never connect 
with the CL dude - travel, health issues, lack of internet-search competency, 
etc. - but that doesn't mean they aren't out looking for it. Or maybe they are 
sitting at home dismayed because their bike has disappeared and they assume 
it's stolen and gone for good.

The guy commandeered someone else's property, without their consent, for "their 
own good". Best intentions aside, that doesn't sit right with me.


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