Good luck indeed! I laughed at your description of the hapless and
mechanically clueless cyclist who decides, night before the tour, to mess
around with his headset. But with all the squeaky and chattering chains I
hear out on the bike path, coming from riders in full kit with carbon fiber
frames (not dissing kit or frames, just indicating that *these* indicate a
certain enthusiasm for the sport), I'm not surprised.

My own experience: I've made quite a few sub-8 minute headset bearing
adjustments and stem adjustments out on the road, with threadless systems,
and just the 4 mm allen. I must say that, while I prefer the look of a
Nitto Pearl (earlier, shinier model), I prefer the efficacy of the modern
threadless system.

On Fri, Feb 2, 2018 at 11:13 AM, Brewster Fong <> wrote:

> So let me get this straight. A guy is about to go on a four day tour and
> the night before he decides to "screw around" with the threadless headset.
> However, he has no idea what he's doing and then a couple of hours into the
> ride, the headset comes loose and he has no idea how to adjust it nor does
> he have a 5mm to fix it?!  Wow. I agree in that scenario, there is no
> advantage. I guess the advantage would be to a threaded headset as he would
> need two specific tools (32mm or 36mm) to adjust it.  In that case, the
> threaded headset would probably keep him from being tempted to "screw
> around" with the headset the night before a big ride.  Unbelievable....
>> So in my book, although there's unquestionably a theoretical advantage
>> there, in practice it's meaningless since nobody seems to know how to do it.
> In your scenario, where no one knows how to work on a threadless headset,
> I agree! But adjusting a threadless headset really isn't that hard and a
> lot easier than a threaded headset.
> Of course, as you shown in your example, YMMV!
> Good Luck!

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